Menu Changes



All of us at Picasso’s Pizza appreciate you supporting a local small business.  While we are all experiencing vast changes and increases in our cost of living and of operating a business, we continue to work diligently to ensure these changes affect our pricing as little as possible, and to create the most fair value throughout our menu.  To demonstrate these efforts, we are working on a history of changes that will go back to November, 2014.

MAY 18, 2016

Meat Pizzas now have BACON!  In our ongoing effort to make our menu and workflow as efficient and effective as possible, we have decided to take salami off our menu, with the result that our meat pizzas will now have BACON on them!  We know, why didn’t think of THAT earlier?

APRIL 5, 2016

Thicker Smoothies!  Now we’ve made our smoothies even better with one super simple modification: we are now freezing the pieces of bananas that go in each smoothie! Makes the smoothie thicker, like a milkshake, but waaaaaay better for you than a milkshake, and you don’t regret having it when it’s done!

FEBRUARY 17, 2016

Changes to our Donair pizzas and wraps:

1) a couple months ago, we changed the Donair meat we used, and are super excited about it! It has better flavour and we are adding more of it to the pizzas. Super, super excited!
2) We have found a way to thicken our sauce without changing the flavour. Since we make it ourselves, the biggest issue is with how thin/watery it could get, which is a big deal for the sandwich wraps. We have tried brand name sauces that tasted similar, but had a horrible starchy taste to it. We are really happy with how ours has turned out! And now we can use it as a sauce, under the meat, so the pizzas don’t seem as dry as they might have. Big plus!

FEBRUARY 10, 2016

Red Onions!  We will now be using Red Onions, instead of the Yellow.  After testing several, easily accessible, onions, this was by far the best option. Yes, they cost us more than what we had, but sometimes quality has to be a higher priority, and this was a no-brainer for us. Better for pizzas, better for salads, better for you!


OCTOBER 6, 2015

Oct. 1, 2015 saw an increase in Alberta’s minimum wage from $10.20/hr to $11.20/hr.  As most of our customers know, we rely heavily on labour, as we make our own dough, sauces, and even some of our toppings.  We also keep a very clean facility, and work closely with the 2 local High School’s Work Experience Program to offer employment to students seeking valuable work experience.  Currently, we have 6 employees (about 100 hours/week) and in an effort to maintain those levels, we have made some internal changes (without affecting the quality/quantity of food) and have made some minimal price changes to some key items (although 90% or more of our menu remains unchanged):

  • “Loaded” pizzas/calzones will increase by the value of 1 topping; they had been the same price as other pizzas with fewer toppings, and this was a good time to make that change. (this is also the final step of implementing our FAIR MENU philosophy, more info on this coming soon)
  • Gluten-Free crust will be $3.50, which also covers a slight increase in our cost; we sell the GF crust option at our cost, since you are not using our regular crust on the pizza.
  • 2-Topping Medium Pick Up Special will be $11.49, which is the current price of a medium cheese pizza.
  • GF 2-Topping Pick Up special will be $14.99.
  • Side Caesar and Garden Salads will be $3.33.
  • Dip cups will be $0.71; wing sauces will remain unchanged.
  • Delivery fee (within High River, $15 minimum) will be $1.50

JULY 1, 2015

  • Online Ordering is released!  Option to pay on delivery/pickup or online through Paypal
  • Another stage of our FAIR MENU philosophy is reached: a topping removed from a food item will decrease the cost of the item.  If you don’t want it, you won’t pay for it!

JANUARY 2, 2015

  • Another stage of our FAIR MENU philosophy is reached: rather than increase prices for the start of 2015, we instead removed our 2nd pizza discount and kept our menu prices the same.  While some orders will see an increase in the total cost for multiple pizzas, we felt this change affects every order, as the individual prices remain unchanged.  Whether you order 1 pizza or many, the cost for each with be the same.  Sure, we may have lost the psychological effect of having a “discount”, but at this stage of our town’s post-flood recovery, we felt this was the better option for everyone.
  • 2-Topping Medium Pick up Special will be $10.99 (still less than a medium cheese pizza)

NOVEMBER 1, 2014

  • NEW! Dad’s Shaker Wings are replacing our previous BBQ, Buffalo, Honey/Garlic wings (Salt & Pepper are still available).  Locally grown chicken wings, roasted to perfection, with your choice of 7 great sauces: Bold BBQ, Buffalo, Caribbean Jerk, Honey/Garlic, Honey/Mustard, Orange/Ginger, Teriyaki