Gluten-Free Appetizers


GF Dad's Shaker Wings (1 lb)

    • $10.49

Large, locally-raised chicken wings are roasted, not fried!  Sauce on the side: dip them or shake them up! Need an extra sauce?

GF 3-Pepper Hot Wings (1 lb)

    • $10.49

Picasso's own hot sauce to go with Dad's Shaker Wings! Brings the heat, but has some great flavour too! Need an extra sauce?

GF Salt & Pepper Wings (1 lb)

    • $10.49

Lightly-breaded, with a bold salt and pepper flavour

GF Potato Skins

    • $5.95

4 baked Potato Skins Need a side of Sour Cream?

GF Potato Dippers

    • $3.10

6 baked, tasty little potato pancakes, served with our own Spicy BBQ Ranch Dip Need an extra sauce?

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